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On Nuclear Collision And Disarmament (23 Feb 2009)

The terrorist with a nuclear bomb is the spectre that has now haunted us for some years. It has kept security agencies more than busy. The legal position of free citizens has been sacrificed in the process, and it has justified massive defense expenditures. And then, suddenly, we hear about the collision of two nuclear submarines in oceanic depths, the British HMS Vanguard and the French Le Triomphant. Both were carrying nuclear ballistic warheads. Their names by themselves are suggestive of the military fairy-tale that has produced these vessels. As if we are still living in the time of Napoleon and Lord Nelson, the navies of these NATO allies and European Union partners are keeping their navigation details hidden from each other. With a near catastrophe as the result. It took several weeks before the world heard snippets of information about it. A position analysis is overdue. The financial crisis demands all attention. We have “change”, the key promise of Obama’s election campaign, in abundance, but it is of quite a different kind than the new president would seem to have envisaged. He would re-unite the American nation, correct the disastrous excesses of the domestic and foreign policies...

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